Our paradoxical family

Urja Kuber

Co-Founder & Director of Website Development & Logistics

Urja is a ‘bioquisitive’ undergrad from Fergusson College, Pune, currently pursuing a dual degree in chemistry after completing her bachelor’s in animal sciences. Essentially interested in molecular biology and genetics, she also aspires to put her best foot forward in communicating science. She believes that ‘Genes’ never go out of fashion.

Anushree Krishnamurthy

Co-Founder & Director of Website Development & Logistics

Anushree is a bright graduate from Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Bangalore. Being a neuro-enthusiast, she is curious about all things “Brain-ey”. She manages Project Encephalon, a student-run neuroscience organization, and aspires to build a career in Neuroscience research.

Luminaa Anandh


Luminaa is an animal science undergrad from Fergusson College, Pune aiming to follow a path in cell and molecular biology and unearth the various secrets of the cellulam. She is a feisty undergraduate majoring in animal sciences, who thinks Elon Musk should stand for presidency!

Anaya Tiwari

Head of Digital Marketing and Science Outreach

Anaya is a sophomore at Fergusson College, Pune pursuing BSc in Earth Sciences. She wishes to build a career in research and hopes to make a significant contribution to the field of geology and earth sciences and make the Earth a better place to live. She firmly believes in what Carl Sagan once said, “We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” 

Bhargavi Nerikar

Executive Editor

Bhargavi is an enthusiastic Earth Sciences student pursuing her Bachelor’s at Fergusson College. She is an explorer at heart and she wishes to unearth the many mysteries our planet hosts. She is also keen on broadening the horizons of the way science is being communicated.

Eesha Gupte

Executive Editor

Eesha is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Davis. She enjoys reading fiction, particularly, science fiction! She aspires to work as an astrobiologist one day and explore the future of humans in space (and possibly even alien life forms!)

Ayushi Kulshrestha

Director of Operations

Ayushi is an astrophile blogger and a compulsive procrastinator who produces phenomenal results under stress. She is a Zoology Major at Fergusson College and plans to pursue a Masters in Business Administration for her Post Graduation. Although a weird combination, she houses all the grace to carry it. Loves to explore the Cosmos and write about it on her blog: https://thesapientsapien.wordpress.com/ 

Quill Bearers of The Science Paradox

Stroke Masters of The Science Paradox


We have drawn inspiration from several research papers and scientific articles. Without these valuable references and resources, The Science Paradox would have just existed as an idea.

The information borrowed from various sources is acknowledged and will be published for strictly educational purposes. This is a completely non-profit initiative and is not a part of any business venture.

We would like to thank everyone who has offered us a helping hand on this beautiful journey that we have embarked upon.

Happy Reading!