The Belly Brain Bridge

Have you ever felt inexplicably sad, depressed for no apparent reason, unnecessarily stressed or uninterested in the things you generally like doing the most? Have you ever wondered why you could be feeling that way? Most people tend to term this “a passing phase” that “you’ll eventually get over”. A few hypochondriacs spiral into a …

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Gut Microbes

Conscientious workers’ the gut

The normal flora of the human body consists of trillions of microorganisms. Human microbiota are microbes that colonize our skin, nose, throat, mouth, gut and vagina and are normally harmless. The majority of the bacterial population is found in the gut. These gut microbes do not harm the host, but in turn, they depend on …

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Are resistance bands effective?

Most of us have entered this new year with a goal to become healthier and well, wiser. After ‘religiously’ following YouTube tutorials and picking little bits of advice from my gym brothers, I decided to deep dive into reading a bit more about the scientific aspect of it. While skimming through the list of unending …

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The Science Behind Kaizen

World War II had recently taken place. Japan had been crippled, economically, socially and culturally.  Due to rising geopolitical tensions with North Korea, The United States were invested in Japan’s quick economic recovery and had dispatched eminent and visionary business analysts and academic figures to help the Japanese with strategies for recovery. One of these …

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The Pill Society Chapter 2

The Pill Society – Chapter 2

After reading a bit about natural drugs and therapies, it gives a fair idea of how synthetic drugs are derived. If you haven’t yet read about it, please do give it a read before proceeding.  At some point in your life, you may have heard many saying, ‘Just take azithromycin’ for any random infection that …

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feature image of hidden hunger map

Hidden Hunger

Why solutions to hunger in the past are not perfect?   How many of you count the amount of calories you eat daily? I am sure most of you who workout regularly do that. Modern society is diet conscious. Avoiding fat food, drinking protein shakes after workout (even though you hardly did anything), “I’ll only have some salad” (in ridiculously fake American accent) is …

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