Where there’s a diagnosis, there’s a cure! – miRNAs and Cancers

All of us are products of our genes. Our genes sing melodies in the form of proteins and biomolecules to create beings like bacteria, fungi and ourselves. The various voices of our genes, the mRNAs, which help make proteins in cells, are produced in the right amount to create the symphony of life. Too much or too little, and the melody turn …

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T1D c

Insulin – The elixir for T1D

Chronic diseases in simple language are ones which lasts for a longer duration and which requires constant medical attention. They may not have a cure. One such chronic disease is Type 1 Diabetes. I know, you must be thinking, “But diabetes is diabetes.” Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are many types of diabetes amongst …

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The Belly Brain Bridge

Have you ever felt inexplicably sad, depressed for no apparent reason, unnecessarily stressed or uninterested in the things you generally like doing the most? Have you ever wondered why you could be feeling that way? Most people tend to term this “a passing phase” that “you’ll eventually get over”. A few hypochondriacs spiral into a …

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Gut Microbes

Conscientious workers’ the gut

The normal flora of the human body consists of trillions of microorganisms. Human microbiota are microbes that colonize our skin, nose, throat, mouth, gut and vagina and are normally harmless. The majority of the bacterial population is found in the gut. These gut microbes do not harm the host, but in turn, they depend on …

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Are resistance bands effective?

Most of us have entered this new year with a goal to become healthier and well, wiser. After ‘religiously’ following YouTube tutorials and picking little bits of advice from my gym brothers, I decided to deep dive into reading a bit more about the scientific aspect of it. While skimming through the list of unending …

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