Season 1, Episode 1


Facts for the Astro-Geek in you!


The Pandemic from the Eyes of the Wild The Janata Curfew announced by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, on the 22nd of March 2020, and the subsequent 21-day lockdown, signaled the entry of the notorious Coronavirus amidst us and sealed the deal for India being included in its “hitlist”. And thus, all Indians, whether overjoyed …

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The Viral Bulletin

The Hot Wire for Corona virus updates A vaccine of hope. The current global crisis is haunting us for quite a while now, and we all seriously need some good news! After trying our best to stay afloat and positive, we can’t deny the chance of this ship hitting rock bottom. Let’s be honest, though. …

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The “origin” of everything is and has always been of particular interest to humankind, may it be the origin of the ‘infinite’ Universe itself, or the origin of an infinitesimal virus. Curiosity about life as we know it now led to research about how it came about it in the first place and that is …

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