Season 3: Neuroscience

Brain o’ Clock

Keeping track of time All of us have a constant reminder of the passage of time by means of clocks and watches. The hour hand, the minute hand and the swift transient nature of time. Our age is a function of us keeping a steady track of time. Interestingly, our bodies and especially brains are …

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The Neural Orchestra

Retaining memories and using them to row your brain boat is not just an inherent quality that we possess, but also a life skill that pushes us away from a lit fire. We are tuned in to associate every and any incident with an event that has happened in the past. When one comes to …

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Journey of our Brain

The Human Brain is the master of our actions and reactions. Every act we perform that gives us the identity of Homo sapiens, the most superior of all species on Earth, is governed by none other than this highly convoluted organ sitting on the apex of the human body.  We have had an intriguing journey …

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Understanding the Endgame

In my previous articles, we explored how agriculture evolved over the years, how new innovations helped our civilization grow, and also the food scarcity we are facing today which in coming years will only intensify due to ever increasing population and climate change. In my fourth and last article of this series, let’s explore the …

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Translation Tales from the Brain and Back

Have you ever wondered how the brain remembers places, people, conversations even after they happened long ago? How do we learn a new language? How do we make decisions during a crisis? All these processes — learning, memory, perception, attention, judgment, problem solving, and decision-making — are collectively known as cognition in neuroscience.  Traditionally, researchers …

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