Season 3, Episode 1

Living the Life of Alice

Alice in Wonderland: more than just Fantasy Fiction!   Let me make it plain and simple; this science article is not about the famous girl who went down the rabbit hole, rather, about a disorder of the same name, which caught my attention while surfing through the internet, finding something peculiar to write about. You …

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Neuroyoga 2


Are we all conscious minds with a body? Or conscious bodies with a mind?  ~  For centuries now, the brain and its various complexities have taken centre stage in every explorer’s… well, mind. Our ancestors certainly did not have the tools and resources we have at our disposal today, yet it has been proved, time and again, that they had the wisdom. Early explorers thoughts of our brain …

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The Synapse between Males and Females

Most of the times it is perceived by us, that males usually opt for subjects like mathematics and science (specially physics), whereas females prefer biology, arts and language. We usually observe males excelling in the fields that require reasoning, calculations and analytical thinking. There are females in fields like these, but not in a very …

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Body language

A Letter to Introverts

Dear fellow Introverts, I know life has been difficult for you. Talking to people, overthinking about things you said, filtering the words that you are about to say a million times, it’s all exhausting. I know Marathi, Hindi, English, German and still, I failed to communicate. But don’t worry, because I have found a solution for us. …

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The Cliffhanger

Small spaces and damp places usually top the ‘Get me out of here!’ list. Now, imagine a blue sky, clean air and a huge mountain. Although a pretty heavenly situation for most, it can be a tough one for many adrenaline junkies. Rock climbers are well established, globally popular adrenaline enthusiasts who habitually find themselves …

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Genes 2

It’s in the Genes!

Not being able to find just the right words to start this article makes me stressed. Studying for exams makes me stressed. Thinking about the impending doom Covid has left on this planet makes us all stressed. It’s such things in life that make us feel anxious, stressed and fearful. But did you ever wonder …

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Origin of foods

Reaping the Bread of a Revolution

We, Homo sapiens, have been around for the last 300,000 years. For the majority of the time, we used to hunt and gather for our food. We relied on the plants grown naturally, scavenging the animals killed by other predators, or by hunting. We didn’t grow anything. Why? We were nomads i.e. constantly wandering. Our …

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