Season 4, Episode 1

Understanding PCOS

This is about a disorder which is quite prevalent among women of reproductive age. Mostly people possess limited information about the same, consequently giving birth to all sorts of stigma and myths surrounding the condition. Yes, I am talking about PCOS, an acronym for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is a condition which involves hormonal imbalances …

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Balancing nutrition and weight

Regarding nutrition and diet for weight management, whether one wants to shed a few pounds or maintain weight, the most expected weight loss regimen followed is dieting. Dieting can be of many types – like keto diet, low carbs diet, paleo diet, Mediterranean diet and so on. While there’s a higher chance that dieting helps …

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The Carbs x Energy Equation

Carbohydrates are the most talked about topic in the food industry. When one thinks about losing weight, one is recommended to have a low-carb or a no-carb diet. But, is this correct? We think twice before making an important decision, then why not think twice about having a proficient diet? The balanced diet concept has …

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