Season 4, Episode 2

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Hidden Hunger

Why solutions to hunger in the past are not perfect?   How many of you count the amount of calories you eat daily? I am sure most of you who workout regularly do that. Modern society is diet conscious. Avoiding fat food, drinking protein shakes after workout (even though you hardly did anything), “I’ll only have some salad” (in ridiculously fake American accent) is …

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Neuroscience Of Meditation

In the fast pace of life where there is constant bombardment of information surrounding all of us, there might be very few instances when we disengage from day to day things. An average human mind has more than 6,000 thoughts per day and many of these thoughts are repetitive with unintentional judgements about different things …

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PCOS and Physical Health

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a complex endocrinological disorder, presenting a plethora of symptoms in the female body. These manifestations include cysts in the ovaries, irregular menstruation, hyperandrogenism leading to excessive hair growth (hirsutism), dark patches on skin (Acanthosis nigricans), several hormonal imbalances especially of sex hormones and insulin, leading to further complication in the body. Yes, it is quite tricky …

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Running with your genes

We have always questioned what makes Usain Bolt the fastest person on earth? Is it his genes? His talent? Or something else? People like him have achieved unimaginable heights in different realms of sports. Scientists have begun to question if these people are built differently than us. They think that Bolt has a special muscular …

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The Pill Society

The Pill Society – Chapter 1

We have come a far way, in this world, from the life expectancy in 1200BC being only 43 years to a whopping 72 years in the present year. From the practices of “bloodletting”, using mercury as purgatives to modern medicine and even leeches to suck out the so called ‘poison’ from our body, we have …

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