Season 5: Disease

Monkeypox cover page

Monkeypox: current viral overload

The start In Copenhagen 1958, researchers found out a “pox-like” disease in captive monkeys. Around the same time in 1959, the World Health Organization started a global campaign to eradicate small pox, a deadly disease which killed more than 300 million people since the 1900s alone. As the efforts for eradication of small pox started …

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Limbic System

Say yes to drugs?

~ The role antidepressants play in curing depression   Pair an impressionable mind like mine with the heightened representation of mental illnesses in mainstream media and I find myself in an inconsequential cycle of self-diagnosis and overthinking, like most kids on the internet. This influx of information and excessive romanticism can definitely cause you to …

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The ache in our brains

COVID-19 is one of the biggest global health crises of the 21st century. This pandemic has had severe and far-reaching impacts on the health system, economies, and societies. Countless people have died. They lost their livelihood. Families have been strained. The majority of the population is thrown below the poverty line. The young population have …

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2 degrees till the end

In 2022, India faced the hottest April since the last 121 years. A notification popped on my phone’s screen. I blankly nodded as this April was unquestionably hot for me. My mind whispered back to me, “Climate change is real, Apoorva!”. You have read about it in the books, but it is really happening right …

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Viral Overload

Viral Overload

Viruses are as old as the earth, but cannot be traced back due to their lack of inhabitance as a living cell. The presence of nucleic material is the reason why they are described as organisms on the edge of life. Out of the 219 species of virus, the first one to be discovered was …

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