International Women’s Day 2022

This 8th of March, The Science Paradox brings to you a short and sweet message from someone who’s first and foremost, a very strong and inspiring woman in STEM, doctor, teacher and career coach all in one- Dr. Riitu S Chaandel. We hope to see more such passionate women come to the forefront to guide and support the next generation of women to break all barriers and shine through! Happy International Women’s Day!

Dr. Riitu S Chandel’s YouTube channel:

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Today, we see many women excelling in incredibly diverse walks of life. We want more women to be at the front. We want more women to shine bright. We want more women to sit on the same seats with men. When we asked our team which women in STEM inspired them, we were delighted to hear their answers. Watch these videos to know what they have to say! Let us know the women who inspired and motivated you to shine so bright! Go at it in the comments section. We are excited to read your answers too!

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