Music has the power to heal

Music is a protean art form. It is something delicate and is easily able to influence human emotions. We habitually listen to it when we are not feeling our best. It helps us to change our mood and gain a new perspective in our life. We always turn to music when we think that people are not able to understand us. It is music that allows us to feel all the emotions that we experience in our day-to-day life.

There is something that I have observed when I listen to my favourite songs; I get utterly absorbed in them. I feel the string of emotions and vibes given out by the music. I reckon that we like a particular song because somewhere we relate it to our life. We correspond it with the newest happenings in our life. Music has very remarkably carved its path in science and healing. Scientific reports suggest that listening to calming music can have a profound effect on individuals. Many patients suffering from depression and mental health problems have sworn to recover after listening to uplifting music. From helping to improve the recovery of motor and cognitive functions in patients to reducing symptoms of depression in patients suffering from dementia, music has done it all. Additionally, music has been quite accessible for helping patients who underwent surgery to experience less pain and to heal faster.


So, in essence, it’s almost impossible to not have a connection with music. In the past few decades,
music therapy has played an important role for patients and even doctors. Surgeons have played
music in the operation theatres to relieve stress. This has also helped the patient in some or the
other way to stay calm. To recapitulate, music therapy has played an increasing role in various facets of healing.


Music therapy is an ever-progressing field consisting of music experts who have vast knowledge
about how music can evoke emotional responses in people and how this can be harnessed to help
them physically and mentally. In this process, the music used should be from the person’s favourite genre. It just must be something that invokes happiness and positivity in the person which in turn allows them to heal with alacrity.
Now that we have talked about the basics, let’s see what music therapy can help in. Researchers
have reviewed multiple scenarios where music therapy can be used to result in a good outcome and subsequently, a healthy life.

Some of them are –
1) People who are recovering through a brain injury or stroke led to a loss of ability to speak due to a profound impact on the left side of the brain which is responsible for the speaking skill. The right side of the brain which is responsible for the ability to sing and detect music helps to register musical notes and tunes for healing mentally. Now patients can sing their way to healing. Isn’t it too cool?!

2) Listening to music reduces the side effects caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It can crush the nauseous feeling after a chemo session. Looks like we won somewhere!

3) It helps improve the mental stability of people with dementia and depression late into the disease as well. Finally, a way to being mentally happy with music! A new something to ponder about….


Recently, subliminal are being used and have been beneficial for manifesting strong desires of
people. But these powerbombs lack scientific support. The basis of subliminal is to train your subconscious mind into believing that you already have your results. With these affirmations, you can bag some goodness. The best part is that subliminal is also based considering melodious tunes in music. But again, there is no proper scientific basis and evidence on these. But maybe more research can shed some light.
Nevertheless, we have taken a tour of our very own musical world and how it is immensely beneficial for mankind’s health. Maybe now you can answer your parents if they ask you the reason why you are always listening to your favourite songs!






Gargi Phadnis

Gargi a student of class 10th at Ryan International School, Pune. She has always believed that everything related to us is connected to the universe in many ways. She is fascinated by human anatomy and genetics and wishes to know more about it. Gargi also wishes to dive deeper to understand how to interpret the human mind. She wants to pursue a career in medical science while balancing her love for writing. She says, “I would love to enthral everyone with my quirky thoughts, penned down.”





Shruti Morjaria

Shruti Morjaria is a self-learnt science artist and just another papercut survivor! She is completing her degree in cell and molecular biology. While she juggles between work and life, creativity keeps her sane. She says, “All you gotta do is be a passionate scribbler and see how creativity overflows!”

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10 thoughts on “Music has the power to heal”

    1. Brijesh Chopra

      Very true…music has power to cure all the elements & calmer brain leads to peaceful & beautiful disease free life.

      Very well written..
      Keep it up…

  1. Niranjan Deo

    Very well articulated. Out of all classical music forms, Indian classical music is more effective in mental rehabilitation.

  2. I have been into musical field since last few years but didn’t know it can help many people in this way, this article is really very enlightening.

  3. Gourav Vivek Kulkarni

    This article has opened doors to a completely new reality to me. Music is a reality beyond the mundane truths known to mankind. It is curiously amazing to see that someone can think of this undiscovered dimension of music. I have been experiencing the soothing effects of music since around 15 years but this article has given a new vision which would enable me to enjoy the process of listening to music much more!
    I appreciate your command over language! Wish to read many more articles written by you in coming days!

  4. Prasad kulkarni

    Fabulous dear what you have studied and observed about the music therapy is awsome.I Prasad kulkarni wishing you all the best for your bright future a head keep going may god help you in all aspects of life. With Lots of blessings and best of luck.

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